A Voice Where One is Needed


Children with dyslexia need to have their voice heard, and we hope that we’re helping make that happen. Our short film, “What I Wish Teachers Knew About Dyslexia is close to 10,000 views. We’ve received a few more comments on YouTube that show the common experience.

  • “I cried when I saw this as I have dyslexia and I totally understand those kids. I wish more people know how much harder it is for us and not just label us as lazy, stupid because I work so hard and get no results an it’s really discouraging so if you know anyone who is dyslexic, please help them. Just by helping/correcting my spelling makes any dyslexic kid day so much better. “
  • “I hope every teacher can take the time to learn more about the most common learning difference they will encounter in their classroom year after year. The students deserve the joy of learning and learning how to read and write.”
  • I can really relate to this because I can’t say some words correctly and I always get low scores on tests because I can’t complete it due to me not able to read it correctly and my brother calls me stupid and dumb because I get low scores
  • “I’m in an art college where we do filming and animation. I have few assignments they give that make me have to write a lot of essays. I’m struggling really bad. I can’t understand…I wish my lecturers knew how hard this is for me.”
  • “i am a really good student with dyslexia and last year we had to read passages and answer questions about it, i read and reread and reread before answering and I would always get a 75 and below and my teacher would always say ” your child is lazy and need to try harder ” and reading that on the paper always made me cry because it made me feel stupid and worthless, that teacher never thought about the possibility of me having a learning disability when I really did, when I really needed the help, i had to help myself with dyslexia and i still do, when ever i get a bad grade on something the teachers always write ” Olivia just needs to try harder ” or ” Slow down and reread” or ” Olivia is very lazy and skims there the passage” like no, ask me if I’m having trouble reading, even MY PARENTS don’t believe me when i say I’m dyslexic, that’s my saying ” please help me, i want help becoming a better reader” ever since I figured out in dyslexic I’ve been trying to cure myself because there is no adult around to help me or believes I have the learning disability”
Read our blog post called “More on our film” for more examples of how it’s resonating with viewers. Please continue to share “What I Wish Teachers Knew About Dyslexia” with educators, administrators, school psychologists, friends and family.